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    21 year old female in need of anavar advice

    Hello, I have a few questions to ask that from my research aren't clear or I could not find.

    I am a 21 year old female. I am on average 125 and 5'5 but in the last couple of months I've done alot of weight gaining and now I am in the 150s. I don't look too fat because alot of the weight gained went to my buttock (which I am not complaining about) however the weight that I have gained else where is affecting my self esteem as I have always been in shape, I've done martial arts for 10 years dance all that good stuff.

    I am planning on changing my habits , going back to the gym to work out and begin fighting again.

    In the past I have used oxyelite pro to cut down in weight and it has done the trick but I want to become toned and if at all the possibility of having a nice buttocks without the horrible belly weight. I have looked into the possibility of beginning the use of anavar after some time back at the gym.

    My questions are the following:

    After how much bf do you recommend using anavar?

    For how long?

    Do you recommend taking any supplements along with it to perhaps aid with side effects or anything similar to that manner?

    Lastly what diet should I maintain in order to not get too bulky?

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    for a diet i would read up in the diet section, then post a diet and you will get allot of help
    i wouldnt even worry or consider anavar now. Start working out again get on a diet and if you want take an oxi elite type thing.
    Getting toned is going to be from training and diet not anavar. And anavar doesnt burn fat.
    If people can't tell your on steroids then your doing them wrong

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    hi girl! did you gain 25 # of mostly muscle or fat? what is your bf% now?

    Anavar isn't effective until you are in mid teens. Actually nothing is really effective unless your diet and training plan is already working.

    belly weight…. i tend to carry weight there also and hate it. abs are made in the kitchen. seems the hardest place to loose is the last to go bah bye.

    Many gals stack anavar and clen I am not a fan of clen myself- - rapid heart rate, hand shakes, etc. and i didn't have my diet dialed in when i was running clen. i wasn't eating clean everyday so wasted my time and money

    It seems you might best hop over to the nutritional forum and start a log with stats and goal. nice folks over there will help ya.

    have you requested pink status for access to female forum. there is some very good info geared towards females once you turn pink. : )

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    Why not use oxyelite if it worked for you?

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