Have a question about high estrogen for you guys. I was getting my pre cycle blood work (first cycle) and my results for the e2 test were very high.

Fsh 2.1
Lh 4.2
Total t 671
Free t 87
E2 45?

This was the ultra sensitive e2 from quest. The only refrence range given was <or=29

Some info about me

I would say I have had a lower sex drive for a few years. I have ed but from a case of the dreaded veinous leakage so i cant say for sure estrogen has contributed to it, although it makes the pde5's a bit tough and go. Iv experimented alot with things to make sure i can have a somewhat normal sex life. Energy is also an issue in my opinion. Although i am a rotating shift worker, i dont feel my drive is there often.

My question to you wiser folk is do you think that high level of e2 has been a factor in thise issues? Everyone is different but when in your opinion would estrogen start to effect a man?