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    Question Question on cylcing

    I am starting my new cylce which is winny v injections and clen with arotest, i am not sure how to stack my winny wiht the testosterone , I have done much reading on the clen but hte others i am not sure of, only that I have to take winny every other day b/c it is a water based steriod . Any anwsers please let me know. If any beginers are looking for a good start try omnadrene, i did two cylces of that (20) vials of 250ml and went from 160-186 and its been three weeks off and still wigh 183 of mass....thanks alla Gcis40

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    bro, you have to research things. winny is 17aa so i wouldnt run it for more than 4-5 weeks. it also needs to be taken every day at 50 mgs per day. run the ara test at 500 mgs per week for 10 weeks. add the winny in at week 5 or6. your clen should be run post cycle along with clomid, which i dont think you have. and clomid is a must if you want to keep your gains.

    how long have you been off your last cycle?

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