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Thread: Baking UGLs

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    Baking UGLs

    Hey guys

    So I'm about to start my second cycle or i already have. I have some ugl test p and NPP. I started with my first injection 3 days ago. 1 cc of test p day after injection i felt sick like i had flu. and injecion site was pretty painful but i could handle it. i did some research and found out about test flu. its probably what it was because i was fine the next day. anyway i read that baking ugly helps get rid of injection pain and test flu. so i baked it unfortunately im an idiot and i fell asleep with them in the oven. i left them in there for about 4 house at 150F. so my question are they still okay to use? would there be some degrading of quality?

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    I'm no expert but I wouldn't be using those myself… I don't think it would hurt you, but I definately think the test would be ruined. Someone else should chime in though.

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    Overheating definately is an oxidizing agent for hormones. Too much heat or prolonged heat will in begin to destroy hormones. Test at 150F for 4 hours isn't crossing the line. Your gear is fine.

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