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Thread: Trt blast ?

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    Trt blast ?

    35 yrs old. Been cutting for a long time...was 275 around aug 2013. Have cut down to 215 and have been maintaining 215-220 for sev months now. Having visible abs has grown on me. Recent dexascan shows 8.1% BF. BELIEVE I HAD 194lbs LBM.

    Currently do 50mg x2 a week sub q which keeps me around 600-700 total test with good e2 numbers without an ai. I do have arimidex if needed

    My goal is to add some lbm with minimal fat gain. Have tossed the idea of a 4 week ph run as a kicker. Whats the least amount of test that would net me gains on a 12 week run and since im on trt and will the approx 4ish weeks before i feel/see differences be the same or will i notice it quicker? Plan is to eat around 200cals over maintenance with high protein moderate carbs and essential fats.

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    PH? As in, prohormone? If those are in fact your stats, why would you go for such a rough start? Just use testosterone .

    Your recent dexa scan was in March, where are you now with BF?

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