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Thread: hCG - Conflicting information

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    hCG - Conflicting information

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    That's why we are here and they are there. We focus on health and real science, not 30 year old bro science. Most all the up to date hrt clinics also now run hcg with their patients. They say 250 2-3 times a week. Run it from the start up to pct.
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    Use insulin needles
    hcg 500 iu a week split into two injections

    You dont want to use hcg post cycle aka pct because it is suppressive...your trying to "restart" in pct so why use it then.? Aust's thread its all you need.

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    this is why you do your research first.

    insulin syringes are good for this, 250 UI twice a week

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    Agree with lovbyts and Cuz. As for pin size, some inject SQ; some IM. I do SQ with 1/2" 29g, twice a week on cycle 250ius each. And, I run it up to three days before PCT

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeShlort View Post
    Thank you lovbyts and Cuz.. I appreciate the info. I didn't want to just blindly follow Austinite's thread, I wanted some opinions from other experienced people.

    Austinites a very experienced person but understand wanting more opinions.

    I also read too much hCG can cause aromatization due to excess test levels high doses produce. So my sensitive estradiol values will help me find a dose for hCG (as well as Arimidex )?

    Nothing to worry about. You are not running high doses at all and should have no additional E2 issues. Most would be intra-testicular anyway therefore unaffected by AI's.

    In other words, I'd be best off to start with 250IU twice/wk and see what thtat does to the levels?

    250 twice per week is sufficient.

    When is the best time to do the hCG dose? The same day as the test? Or should i be doing it on off days?

    Any two days you like. You can even load it in your test syringe and inject it IM. Load it first if you do this.

    Above in bold.
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