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    Lightbulb Mixing test with carbamazepine

    I'm still just looking into it, I take a very low dosage of tegretol to treat trigeminal neuralgia 800mg daily, was woundering if anyone has crossed tegretol with test or deca . Any side affects? Tried researching it online but can't find much, carbamazepine is usually used on a high dosage to treat epilepsy, I could only find out about it being not such a good idea mixing either test or deca with it whilst on a high dosage but can't find a thing about it on a low dosage. Any help/ experiences would be a massive help, thanks

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    I just googled it came right up... SeRch "carbamazepine and steroids " it's Tegretal right? For seizures? I get em too but take a med dose benzo...

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