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    Clenbuterol cycle help

    Hi all! First off i would like to apologize if i am posting this in the wrong thread. I'm new around here so idk where to look.
    I am 19 years old. I weight at around 290 lbs, 6'2. I workout everyday and i am an Offensive Lineman. My bench max is 405 and squat is 545.

    Idk if any of that information is relevant but i posted it anyways just in case. I recent just purchased Clenbuterol (100 40mcg tablets). It is from Geneza Pharmaceuticals. I started my 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off cycle like everyone else is using. I am currently on the third day in which i just took a dosage of 40 mcg.
    This is what i have so far....
    Day 1: 2mcg
    Day 2: 40mcg
    Day 3: 40mcg (currently)

    I woke up today (the third day) and i had a sore throat this morning. I'm pretty sure its side effects from the Clen . I researched the topic up and it may be because it has something to do with it being a bronchitis treatment medicine.

    What i notice on clen

    In class i sometimes find a lil shakes on my hands but its nothing im worried about. No headaches.
    I follow my coaches workout weekly.

    MON; Upper Boddy
    TUE: Lower Body
    WEN: Extreme cardio (running, agility drills)
    THUR:Upper Body
    FRI:Lower body

    I found absolutely no trouble at all with my workouts while on Clen. I was able to complete all the ability drills without having asthma like symptoms.
    I just wanted to see if i can get any tips and things i should look out for and do while i am on this clen cycle. If anyone can show me a good 2 week on/off cycle i should be doing with the increases in dosages that would be great!
    And also any insight on the sore throat thingy. . .
    Thank you for your time and again sorry if i'm posting this on the wrong thread!!!!!!!

    50 shades of GAINZ
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    I prefer increase 10 by 10 mcg. get same results, but I feel much better. 20 by 20 is too much for me. anyways, I saw you did 20, 40, 40. what's next??
    you should always increase dosage, because you build up tollerance. 40mcg you took yesterday might be like for example 30 today and 20 tomorrow.
    my plan is like 2 weeks up from 10 to 140mcg, always 10mcg increase.
    like that, I feel shaky and spasm all time, but I don't get too deep into sides, and results are very good. anyways you shouldn't take that stuff, you're only 19. remember too much is not allways better

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    For starters you are too young and a better approach would be to loose some weight naturally before using thermogenics. Most guys wait and the reason behind it is that loosing weight in the beginning is always easy and it gets progressively harder the closer you get to your goal. Each time you cycle clen it gets a little less effective so there is a chance you won't even get near your goal. And, you don't keep upping the dose until you spasm like suggested. If you hands shake stay at that dose until they don't shake then go up.

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    Hi! Thank you so much for your insight. It's just i really want to get back to my prime weight at around 280ish. I'm trying my best to diet but i just can't seem to get down to it. I lift everyday and it still was not working, so i just decided to get some Clen after one of my body building friends explained to me about it. I'm thinking of doing what Andrea said and increase with 10 mcg instead of half a pill. Its only my first week. My throat got so much better throughout the day after drinking alot of water. (I have been drinking a whole shaker bottle of water in every single class today so far). I also notice some slight improvement in my work ethic/energy during morning lifts. Since i have to lift everyday at 7 AM. I don't ever plan on going past 120 mcg. I think indeed i have increased too much from my 20mcg dosage. Thanks again for your time

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