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Thread: Peptide Dosing

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    Peptide Dosing

    Hey Guys,

    I was hoping for some help with how to dose peptides. I wanted to run TB-500, Fragment 176-191, and BPC 157. I have been taking pharma grade hgh, alflutop, and Ostarine for months with no success for my injuries.

    So I'm going to give the peptides a shot. Before I order them I just wanted to get the dosing right so i don't but too few or too many. So first I would buy 5 TB500 vials and mix each with 1ml or 1/2 ML of Bac water and split the mixed vial into 2 doses a week for 5 weeks. If I see progress I will continue with a maintenance dose.

    BPC 157 comes in 5mg vials. This is where I get confused. Threads I have read say if you mix "Dilute the 5mg freeze dried vial of BPC 157 by injecting 2.5ml injection water into the vial. This 2.5ml solution will yield 25 doses of 200mcg each." So what would that be on my insulin syringe? My insulin syringes go from 10-100 Units ?

    and the same thing for Fragment 176-191 "A dose of 250mcg once or twice a day by subcutaneous injection into the fatty area on the front of the leg produces noticable results.

    Dilute the 5mg freeze dried vial of FGL by injecting 2.0ml injection water into the vial. This 2.0ml solution will yield approximately 20 doses of 200mcg each."

    just trying to figure out how many 5mg vials to buy and how much bac water to mix, and what number line to fill per each injection

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    There is a sub forum for these questions. Most of your questions have been answered there before, I expect...

    Perhaps a Mod will move the thread for you.


    I know nothing about what you ask, besides that which pertains to TB-500.
    Are those 2mg vials or 5mg vials?

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