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    Question this freaking gut

    I have been running EQ. for about a month and a half now and i am seeing real good lean gains. I want more bulk and I know if I start the Deca in I will gain weight mostly in the gut and handles. I am going to Hawaii in march and want to be lean when I go. If I start the deca for about a month and a half will the extra month and a half be enough to get the weight off. I plan on keeping the Eq. going until I leave and my ability to lose weight is not the best in the world. I know one of you guys has some kinda input on this.

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    if you eat and train right............ it wont all go to your gut. best of luck to ya.

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    This what happened to me... I did a Deca /Sus/Dbol cycle few months ago and yes I did gain weight in places I didn't want, that in conjunction with the water retention I was really sluggish and bloated, meaning miserable on some days...The guys here on this BBS told me not to worry, just keep eating and it will all go away post cycle...well thats exactly what happened. I have less fat now than I did prior to the cycle...but I used Clen /clomid/Eca/aerobics after the cycle was over. It took about 5 weeks to get looking really really good. My cloths are fitting different, better. The cycle changed my physical dynamics for the better. What they told me did come true..

    Hope that helps..


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    Bro, I wouldn't run EQ and deca together. From what I've heard they use the same receptors so it would be a waste. Just stay on the EQ and keep your training and diet dialed in.

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