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    What results will you get if your training hard and just using test?

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    You will see good results on a test only cycle. That's all you need for your first cycle

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    You win the most ambiguous question of the year award!

    There are so many factors involved, but I will help you answer your own question:

    1) Have a plan/goal to get to......(ex: I want to add 20lbs bulk for a 12 week cycle) Your goal may be to lean out and lose some weight, or not lose any weight and get cut
    2) get bloodwork to determine test levels pre-usage
    3) Have a very well planned out diet to help meet your goal(s)
    4) Have a very well planned out workout routine for meeting your goals
    5) Get supplies from a reputable supplier
    6) Implement plan with supplies, diet and workouts
    7) Get bloodwork done at 5 weeks to ensure test is up
    8) Finish cycle with all of above.

    I have used Test E and Test P, at about 700mg per week, and added about 25lbs of bulk on 12 week cycle(I had low test before starting this cycle). Strength gains were incredible. was putting down about 3600 calories/day. Was it the test that had more to do with the results, or the diet and hard training? Most likely a combination of all the above. The diet and training hard played a bigger role IMO, but the test sure did help. I would say if only using the test, and not having the diet, I would not have gained near as much.

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