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Thread: Yet another First Cycle post

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    Question Yet another First Cycle post

    Hey everyone I just started my first cycle yesterday and wanted to post it here and ask a few questions to make sure I am doing everything as safe as possible.

    First off a little about me
    I am 21 years old and Iíve been lifting for about 5/6 years now. I am 6í1Ē and weigh 226 pounds with around 20% body fat.
    I didnít get real serious about bodybuilding until about a year ago. I have grown to know my body very well and how it responds to a variety of different training principles and styles. Iíve sort of become a self-taught expert on supplementation (via books and keeping up to date with article readings) and am very meticulous in planning my lifting, supplement, and diet cycles. I have finally gotten to the point where I am ready to take on the next step with steroids . Since this is my first cycle I am taking it VERY light to see how my body responds to the increased testosterone . I am prioritizing safety and knowledge gain over gains in the gym for my first cycle. I already am making VERY good progress in the gym right now with my current fitness plan (I am doing my own version of DTP Extreme) and would love to give it that much extra push that steroids will provide me. Thatís enough of the background now on to the cycle.

    First Cycle
    I am doing a simple small 6 week cycle of Testosterone Cypionate . My injections are as follows:
    Week 1: 250, Week 2: 300, Week 3: 450, Week 4: 450, Week 5: 300, Week 6: 250.

    I'll be spreading each weekís injections via 4 injections a week. Injections are no big deal for me so I prefer to have the dosage spread out more to keep consistent levels in my body.
    I understand these doses are pretty damn small but like I said I wanted to see how I react to just the test then I can experiment with different ethers and what not on the next cycles. Thatís also why itís so short so I can get to that faster.

    Since itís such a low dosage I have the money set aside for but havenít ordered any Anastrozole (Arimidex ) yet unless I start to see signs of Gynecomastia . Plus I was unsure if it is even a concern off this dosage and only test.

    Post Cycle Therapy
    This is where I need some advice with. Iíve seen so many mixed reviews on amounts, whens, and whats on this. Does anyone have some specific advice on PCT on this low dosage and short of a cycle? Another subject I am confused about is HCG . Do I HAVE to take this during or after or even at all with this small of a cycle? This first cycle I am on a low budget. Iíll have much more for future ones but for this one if HCG isnít needed it would help my budget.

    I guess mainly what Im asking here is; am I doing this right? I like to know the in and outs of what I am doing to my body and you all have a lot higher knowledge base than I.

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    It's all wrong from start to finish the best thing you could do is read learn and train hard for the next 4-5 years you will be glad you did.
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    1) too young and your body is not finished most development till about age 25 and using aas can stop or mess that up.

    2) the fact you mention test for only 6 weeks shows you have a HECK of alot of researching to do and i hope you stick around and keep reading.
    dont do ANY cycle right now
    read all the threads stuck up top to the aas section.
    good luck! : )

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