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    Athlete here looking for something different out of my next cycle

    Hey guys, my first post on the forums but quick stats about me.
    -College Wide/Slot receiver
    -20 years old
    -5 '11
    -4.6 lazer
    -195 LB (currently)

    Now this is going to be my third cycle coming up this summer but my previous 2 cycles I put on way to much weight. The first cycle I ran test prop and a peptide to help heal my hip laberal tear. I honestly forgot what the pep was called but every time I took it , within 5 minutes I felt like I was about to starve to death and ate ALOT. Nonetheless my diet was pretty on point. Second cycle I took test prop, sus 250, and tren and I shot from 190 to 225. I admit that this time I purposefully stuffed my face to try to get gains for the spring season lifts.

    Now spring ball is around and I've managed to go from 225 to 194 in 10 weeks eating clean and running a lot from practice. But I have noticed I've lost some speed considering I used to be a 4.5 guy consistently. This upcoming summer I'm looking for something to really enhance my training, my goals are to due straight plyometrics and legs in the gym and at the field. I've heard I should take everything from winny var sus 250 test prop test e and tren to help me get lean, gain VERY LITTLE weight IF ANY, and increase my speed and explosiveness. Any suggestions?

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    Sorry for any typos

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    I always had great results from Anavar with little weight gain.

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    Hello ACR ACR, the reason you are not getting a lot of responses is simply because of your age. Almost everyone on here believes in safety first, and with that being said, you are too young to be shutting down the natural test that is blasting through your system.

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    If you've already run Test (Prop, Enth, Sus) and Tren you've pretty much hit both ends of the AAS spectrum. Got some questions for you.
    1) How was your PCT?
    2) Did you do PCT?
    3) How long have you rested between your two cycles?
    4) When did you finish your last cycle?
    5) Did you run an AI & HCG in your first two cycles?
    6) Did you get any side affects from your cycles?

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