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    Thinking of ending 1st test E cycle early(gyno)

    Hello! Im on my first ever cycle of 300mg test E every 5 days. Ive had some gyno since puberty but nothing that i ever think about so im also prone to gyno.

    Now im 1 month into my cycle , 6 injects, and 6 days ago i started feeling some symptoms of Gyno so i instantly got on Nolva 40mg and continued at this dose and uppered my dose of Arimidex to like 1mg ed from 0.5 eod , but 5 days later it had only got worse, from some minor symptoms to an aching and burning pea. now ive been on Letro for two days, first 2mg then 1mg . However im not really sure how to take it from here, im thinking of ending the cycle since i dont seem to be able to get this gyno under control. I fear that IF i go through this whole cycle i end up with really bad Gyno.

    I also thought of eliminating all estrogen for a week with 1mg ed Letro and possibly continue the cycle by increasing the AI, but i dunno. Kinda got cold feet right now.

    Also i got another question. When i uppered the dose of Arimidex i felt it in my joints, had to piss like a riverfall , libido and how i felt in just a couple of days. Letro is supposed to be much stronger and ive taken 3mg so far but im not really feeling anything. Is this normal, if so how long can i expect it to take before i start feeling any sides of the letro?

    Many thanks!

    Also my stats are 24 years, 95kgs and 188cm. I have a bit of BF but im not fat.
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    Was the adex and nolva pharma grade you are using ?

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    Agreed, what are you using for Adex and Nolva? Also, what bodyfat % would you say you are at? The more fat you have the more likely you are to convert higher E2.

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    No both have been UG , i live in sweden and HG is extremely hard to get and everyone running cycles here do UG. However the Adex and Nolva have been working for everyone else, and i know the Adex is working because when upped the dose i lost alot of water retention, i felt it in my joints and libido.

    The Nolva(Altamofen) is from one of the top rated UG labs used in Europe, Alpha Pharma.

    As for my BF% im not sure but i would say about 20%

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