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Thread: clen cycle plan

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    clen cycle plan

    About me:
    18 yo
    18% body fat
    ~10% bf

    So I plan to use clen with a strict diet, heavy workouts in supersets, boxing as HIIT and maybe some slow running (no more than 20mins). I have read a lot of things about clen and it looks good to me. I want at least to try it. I plan to buy enough for one week and buy for one more week if I feel good while on it. Afterwards I will go to lipo6+bcaa for two weeks, and back on clen. I know that I might just achieve what i want without anything but I really can't be commited without taking anything. Supps help my moral a lot.
    So what do you think about my plan? What dosages do you recomand? I think I will go for 20-40-60-80-80....60-40... Also is there anything better than lipo? It has about every potent fat burner that is legal. I can't get EC... so synephrine should fo right?

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    I think I'm going to jump on the Clen wagon also because just thinking and talking about it obviously you can loose 5-7% body fat in just 24 hrs.

    http://forums.steroid .com/anabolic -steroids -questions-answers/571047-clen-18-a.html#post7033242

    Or I could post links to you wanting to jump on Tren because you think it burns fat or one of your other fat burner threads but now youre all the way down to 10%? Great job...

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