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    Bringing fertility back?

    Ok, due to career-based choices I have been on testosterone for around 5 years with practically no breaks. I am a 30 year old, otherwise very healthy and cautious male. Over the years I have had my bloodwork done on several occasions and had no problems, other than having obviously high testosterone levels. When I made this choice I understood and accepted that my fertility was going to suffer greatly. I got someone pregnant about 2.5 years ago so was fertile up until then atleast. I havent used HCG or anything like that for a long time.

    I was recently asked by a friend to donate sperm to them to help them have a family, and was very honoured. I warned them that there was a good chance I would not be fertile, and today I got my fertility results back, and am currently Azoospermic, which means my sample contained no traceable sperm.

    Thats all the background information, and my question is will I be able to bring my fertility back with HCG/Proviron etc? or by any other means?

    Also, will I be able to do this without coming off the testosterone? I am aware that if I were to come off I would suffer a looooong period of depression, and a huge hormonal crash.

    Thankyou for any replies, slate me as much as you wish but it wont change the past, I dont regret a thing as far as the choices I made for myself.

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    High doses of HCG , 5000iu a month probably and possible Clomid. I would go through a fertility doctor so he can write a rx and monitor you. Ive talked to one about possibly doing the same thing. The Clomid should keep your T levels up to normal TRT levels so hopefully no depression.

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    Also ask about HMG(which im will mimick FSH - which is the hormone responsible for increasing Spermatoza)! You'll need HCG aswell for LH production(HCG mimicks LH AND you need both for optimal results...

    I'm in the same kinda situation(except just low sperm count) but what I have is good and from what the fertility doc said, even if your low(sperm etc) as long as what you have is g2g than it will surely help....

    I would also go see a fertility doc!

    Best of luck!

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