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    Please critique my cycle

    Hey guys new to the forum but looks like some good info and knowledgable people on here so I decided to join. Running 8 week test Cyp 500mg/week. I have arimidex and I plan on taking .5 EOD will adjusts doses according to side effects. I also have nolvadex . I've heard to wait 3 weeks on PCT for test Cyp bc of slightly longer ester than test-e. Should I wait 2 or 3 weeks and should I run nolva at 20/20/20/20 or should I up the dosage? I am not going to run HCG .

    181.4 - %7.0-%8.0

    Was %8.7 at 187 but a couple pounds was water weight. Am getting BF tested once again day before cycle. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard,

    Can you please provide your age and briefly mention cycle/training history?

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    Consistent diet for 2 years. Consistent training for 4 years. First cycle. I'm actually prepping for a show. That is slightly over 9 weeks out. 19 years old. Yes I know the risks of cycling. I've been roasted on other forums and nobody understands I'm just going to do it anyways.. The gym is my home. Diet is my life. Training is my life . I hate saying my age because people immediately roast me on how "stupid" I am. All that does is make me train harder and eat cleaner.. Although my diet is already plain chicken, brown rice, peanuts, fish oils, multivitamin, & creatine here and there.
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