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Thread: winny in the washer/dryer

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    winny in the washer/dryer

    so my gf accidentally put a vial of winstrol that was in my pocket in the washer then dryer. its brand new and sealed. doesnt look like theres any damage to the vial except for the label being pealed off.

    is it safe to take or better not risk i

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    Personally I'd throw it away. The washer probably isn't an issue with the seal on the bottle being new but the dryer is really hot and might be out of the safe range. Better to be safe...

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    you could filter it but if there is no water or soap in there and the level has not risen in the vial they you may b g2g

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    Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly, via a syringe and squirt it in my mouth and swallow. . lol

    The dryer will not get hot enough to hurt it in any way. and since it was sealed obviously the washer didnt either. I'm sure it's fine.

    The melting point for winny is 231~234℃ or 450 deg F. If your dryer is getting this hot then you have more to worry about. lol
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    Is your winstrol water or oil based? Going to be hard to tell if anything got in there with water based and honestly I have seen a lot of crap crimp jobs so its not implausible.

    But mostly I agree with lovbyts.

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