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Thread: General Philisophical / Opinion Based Question

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    General Philisophical / Opinion Based Question

    To anyone reading, hey.

    I've posted here for a couple of days. I've read the forum for a couple of months. I'm 35, and training has been an important part of my life for a long time. It's always been there for me; always helped me get past tough times. Some guys golf, some drink beer, I workout, but all of you get that. I've never done a cycle. Had never seriously considered it, until a year or so ago I started fooling around with the idea. Once the seed was planted in my head, it's grown a little. So, in order to satiate the curiosity, I decided to join the forum and start throwing some questions out. I posted a price based question the other night, sorry, I dropped the ball on that.

    My question is personal in nature. I'm married, two kids, good job, I get to help a lot of people, and I don't want to ding any of those things up. I'm a relatively happy guy. I don't walk around on cloud nine everyday, but I'm content. I understand each member of this forum is unique, with their own experience filtered through their own personality, and shaped by the specific facts of their own lives, but I want to know in a "wisdom of the crowd" way if you are happy with your decision to try a cycle. I'm curious how many people regret it, how many don't take it as seriously as maybe my question posits it, and how many think it has been good, or possibly great. I'm trying to make a decision for myself, and I can't think of a better way than hearing what the crowd says. Any info is good info, especially when the cost of getting it is cheap. And I have to say that honesty, of a sometimes brutal fashion, is a strong point here. That's refreshing. For any who take the time to answer, thank you.

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    About your direct questions, Im a a bit like you only decided to cycle around your age at a moment my life was already organized, at least as much organized as it can be in todays world lol. I knew what I was getting myself into, greatly due to the information in this forum, and this is something I think is critical for you to make the ultimate decision. Get all the information, educate yourself. Sure there will enough things for you to learn on your own about your body, but if you have the basics covered it will/can be fun to discover about this personnal enhancements issues.
    So, for me it was great, great more in a sense of rediscovering myself and my body, and learning from it.

    Follow this for a good first cycle:

    Plenty of more read here:
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    Thanks for the reply. It was getting awfully lonely.

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