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Thread: My First Cycle: Help Planning for weight loss

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    My First Cycle: Help Planning for weight loss

    Hellow, I'm a 22 year who suffers overweight.
    6 weeks ago I started to do fasted cardio/gym/post gym cardio and started to go and a low carb high protein diet.
    I'm 5"10 and started at 236 pounds with 35% body fat and now I'm 220 pounds and have 28% body Fat.
    I'm currently holding a stack of very good Clen /Proviron /Anavar and wanted to know what is the best way to use it for weight loss. I've done a lot of research and bought already Taurine for the cramps, Yohimbe, L-Carlitine, Glucosamine for the Joints, and Milk Thistle for the Liver.
    I'm very disproportionated, my legs are very wide and I can squat 405lbs x 5 but can only bench 160 lbs x 5.
    All of my life I've been in sports and usually exercise 4-5 times a week but this is my first time hitting the gym regularly.
    If your opinion, how should I use the stack? The pills are 50mcg-Anavar 25mcg-Proviron 40mcg-Clen , Which diet better suits me? How many times should I work out a week? How many times should I do cardio a day? (currently doing 2 -fasted/post workout-) any advice will be appreciated.

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    There are a ton of stickys on this site about diet and weight loss, read those. You need to be at 15% or lower before you try to run AAS for cutting. Cutting comes from diet, not roids

    Fasted Cardio every morning, macro percentages something like 50 - Protein, 30 - Fat, 20 - Carbs works well for me, but everyone is different.
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    I have to strongly advise you to read all of the stickys. Above 15% BF the side effects of AAS are going to be much higher and you really need to be concerned about estrogen and high BP that would be caused.

    If it helps I'm in a a similar situation as you. Due to an accident I was walking with a cane for a year and a half and let my BF get up to 38%. Since Feb 22 I've gone from 295lbs down to 242lbs and currently I'm at 28.5% BF. I lost the BF using a strong stack called CD/CO/LH - or - calorie defect, cardio, lifting heavy.

    When I joined this forum I was ready to start using Tren to help me loose faster. You have no idea how happy I am in hindsight that I read the stickys and became well educated before I really messed up my hormones.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck.
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    The best way to use that stack for weight loss would be to wrap them together with tape, walk out the front, throw the stack as far as you can, then chase that fooker as fast as you can, repeat until legs can't move. But in all seriousness ePeeZy gave solid advice, I would do that.

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