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Thread: dianabol cycle

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    dianabol cycle

    i just started on dbol now for a month,i think i will go another month then questions long before i can start again?and can i switch over to anavar ?or can i do anavar immediately after my dbol cycle?....oh taking all this orally

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    that's a very general question ...
    U need to post ur stats and I hope u are running test with that Dbol and taking AI since Dbol has pretty strong estrogenic property .... and a good PCT

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    Read "planning and executing my first cycle"

    Even if u have done a cycle or are in the middle of one. Read it and fix what u need to

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    How's the cycle working?

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    My first cycle was dbol only for 8 weeks and it was ok. No anch no nothing but i was young and fatlevel was ok. But you def should not start var after your cycle. Do a full pct. Go 2 month on 4 month off etc. Then u can do this shit for many many years.
    But...we need to know your age. If you are younger than 23-24, gearing is not suggested around here.

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    Why dbol only?....and why for two months?....too stressful on your liver depending on your dose. Most of your gains will be from water and most will be likely lost without test. How old are you dude?

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