I came to this site about 18 months ago when I was 38, 6'0, 225 lbs, and hadn't exercised in 5 years hoping that AAS could be a solution for weight loss. I quickly saw all the posts that said AAS isn't good for fat loss nor good to use with high body fat. I got on a decent diet and exercise plan and I'm now down to 184. I was hoping to be posting this last summer but didn't get to my goal weight until this year due to a busy life with work and kids and I couldn't get my diet or exercise plan going strong.

Based on the info below, am I a good candidate for a starter cycle to get a bit leaner and a harder look?
I've read the sticky post on 'My First Cycle'. I know my diet could be solidified even more and I could have gotten here quicker with a better diet but I just resigned to the fact that my diet wasn't going to be great due to family / kids and travel for work.

My diet:
Morning: 25 g protein shake in the morning + BCAA's & multi-vitamin
Mid-morning: 1 egg and 2 slices of bacon w/ low carb wrap
lunch: Chicken salad with and oil+vinegar dressing
mid-lunch: handful of almonds or some pita chips and hummus
dinner: Veggies, small amount of starch and a meat like Salmon, Chicken, Pork, or steak
late night: Greek yogurt

Pre-workout: 10g or protein + BCAA's and creatine / pre-workout drink
Post-workout: 25 g protein shake + BCAA's

- I was adding an additional 50g of protein at one time hoping to put on more muscle therefore burn more calories and switched to a pure weight training program but that didn't work for me. I stagnated and didn't lose much weight.

note that cardio is very light 60%-70% of max heart rate vs HiiT where I do the opposite ;-)
Monday - 60 minute interval training
Tuesday - 30 minutes of cardio in the AM and 45 min. weight training in the PM: bi/tri/shoulders
Wednesday - 30 minutes of cardio in the AM and 45 min. weight training in the PM: 1 set of squats and 1 set of deadlifts
Thursday - 30 minutes of cardio in the AM and 45 min. weight training in the PM: Chest and back
Friday - 45 minutes of cardio
Saturday - 60 minute interval training
Sunday- Off

I tried a lot of variations / tweeks before I got to the plan above. And definitely couldn't exercise every day let alone twice a day for a long time. But now, I can count on the program above to loose 1 - 2 lbs of weight / week. I don't go very heavy except for squats because I found I loose more weight that way. Example: I tried the stronglifts.com program for 2 months and couldn't loose weight as fast as the program above.