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Thread: Test + Clen

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    Test + Clen

    hi all I was looking for some adivce on a course i was planning to do. I have currently only ever done clen before and saw some brilliant results but would like to try a different cycle.

    I would be taking 400mcg of test a week, but I'm unsure of what dosage of clen i should be doing whilst on it? When i did clen only i started on 40mcg and worked myself to 120 doing a 2 week on 2 week off cycle. would this same type of dosage be suitable?

    I am also looking for some advice on my diet as I'm unsure whether im eating enough calories a day, this would be my typical day:

    07:00 big bowl of porridge and a large glass of lemon+water
    10:30 banana
    13:15 chicken and rice
    17:00 banana
    19:00 workout with a protien shake afterwards
    22:00 fat free Greek yogurt

    Please note the job I do I'm constantly walking all day (at amazon) and i can walk from 10-20 miles a day (averaging 15 miles) so I assume on the days I'm at work i would not need to do cardio at the gym?

    Thanks for any advice you could give me on my plans.

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    Fix your diet and you will get results. No need for either test or horrible clen with that diet plan.

    Post up in the diet section and include your stats and goals.

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    I stopped running Clen . I just couldn't stand the way it made me feel. Now, I just cleaned up my diet and do a little cardio.

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    Ok, thanks for your replies

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