Hey guys,

I have seen some new information on the internet regarding the dosage of Raloxifene. Something along the lines of using 60 mg/day only for 10 days and after that using just 30 mg/day until the gyno is removed. What do you say about this new protocol instead of the old one? (Dosing at 60 mg daily for months until the gyno resolves itself). I have tried Raloxifene last year (before that I tried 2 months of Nolva) and since then all my joints hurt like hell all the time. Docs have no idea about this. I do not know if it was caused by the SERMS or it was just a coincidence, but I have seen on the internet new info that says more than 10 days of 60 mg Raloxifene may lead to bone demineralization. Though it's quite anti intuitive given that Raloxifene is an osteoporosis medication so it should actually HELP your bones not damage them. What is your opinion on the right dosage of Raloxifene? Any guys with experience on this?

PS: I mention that I have never used any AAS, I am just very sensitive to estrogen, I'm growing gyno out of damn nowhere, but since gyno is an AAS problem first and foremost, i posted it here. If it's wrong, mods please move it where it's ok.