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    Bad burping a week after later pin

    So I I just tapered off of a Test only cycle. I ran 10 week cycle of Test C 2000mg/10ml. First week 1/2 cc, second 1 cc, thI'd week 1 1/2 cc up to 2 cc for 4 weeks then tapered down. Now it doesn't matter what I eat or drink I burp non stop all day long. I'm about 1 week away from starring PCT gonna run clomid for 4 weeks. Ivery done some reading and it says it could be the build up of estrogen that is causing the gas build up, hormone changes etc. I've been to the doctor, and all my organs and blood work is fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Burping ?? Cant see any relation.

    Btw, tappering up and down was completely unnecessary, and you should have been on AI and HCG , and a better PCT would include nolva.

    So, the doctor checked every organ by ultrasound or MRI?? And checked every hormone and bloodwork test???
    You should and expensive health plan wow

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