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Thread: Anabolism - A fresh perspective

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    Anabolism - A fresh perspective

    Anabolism definition from dictionary dot com.

    The chemical reactions that synthesize molecules in metabolism. (Compare catabolism.) Note: Athletes often attempt to improve their performance by speeding up this molecule-building process through the use of drugs called anabolic steroids , despite the potential health risks involved.

    I would like to introduce the concept of anabolism and it's relation to AAS. In simple terms, AAS increase anabolism. That's the primary function of AAS for the use of athletic/aesthetic enhancementments. While this might not be new to some, hopefully this will shed some light on the subject for new members.

    Now while most people see AAS in terms of muscle building (bulking) or fat burning (cutting), this is somewhat misguided. All AAS INCREASE ANABOLISM, PEROID. That is why you will have heard the saying that you can cut or bulk with any compound. This is true to a certain extent, as some AAS are more or less effective in certain aspects.

    Now to take advantage of the increased anabolism from AAS, their must be substantial effort in terms of training, nutrition and recovery. That is why AAS will not magically transform your body without any hard work. The increased anabolism simply AMPLIFIES your efforts.

    Increased anabolism will effect the following systems in your body. First is protein synthesis, or muscle growth. This in response to the stimulus provided by training. Secondly is metabolism. Your ability to burn body fat will be enhanced, but remember this all depends on training, nutrition etc.

    Now that we can see AAS through the lens of anabolism, we can see what the actual effects are on a physiological level. So to some it up for those new this community, AAS will not build muscle or burn fat on their own. They will simply increase ANABOLISM.

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    Nice piece,

    In an even stricter sense of definition. AAS enhances the ability to recover from a workout which increases the persons ability to train more. Which helps increase the anabolic effect in a more net positive direction, but also decreasing the effect of post exercise cortisol catabolism.
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    That accounts only for an 'A' in "AAS".

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    The first A in AAS is what we are specifically referring to in this discussion. The androgenic nature of AAS is another topic for discussion that I would be happy to share my thoughts on if enough interest is shown by members here.

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