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Thread: Hcg and head / organ growth

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    Hcg and head / organ growth

    I just read this somewhere and I need confirmation, the reason body builders today have big heads and distended guts is because of hcg simulating growth, and the reason why older body builders physique looks leaner is because they didn't have hcg?
    I'm all for not shutting down my natural production of testosterone but I also don't want a bigger head/skull and a huge gut?

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    You are confusing HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin which is used to maintain testicular function while on cycle) with HGH (human growth hormone which is a peptide used to build muscles) and one of its side effects supposed to increase the size of organs which result in a big gut, some say when abused with insulin it results in a conditin palumbolism. you can see on google
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    While somatropin/hGH CAN cause growth of bones and organs,
    (Just look at patients with gigantism or other hypersecretions of GH)
    I think the distended gut syndrome is mostly caused by insulin .

    By that, I mean I think it mostly happens to bodybuilders who are very big,
    and get some visceral fat storage from the constant insulin use, and that fat doesn't go away as easily, so when they are shredded they still got visceral fat.

    That said, massive and prolonged doses of GH should absolutely be able to cause growth of tissues that doesn't grow to any significant degree normally.
    So yes, I think it factors in the equation.

    But as already said, GH, hGH or somatropin is not the same as;
    hCG , choriongonadotrophin.
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    Dr toxin. Your my heeerrrooo

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    I've been taking 5iu/ed of HGH for a long time. My head size hasn't increased one millimeter. My gut hasn't grown either. Acromegaly or Gigantism occurs normally when a tumor around the pituitary causes it to trigger a nonstop supply of HGH. One would would have to take a LOT of HGH to mimic Acromegaly. Their wallet would bust, I would think, before they looked like Andre the Giant. Insulin is another matter. The uptake of insulin occurs in the muscles but it also occurs in the gut. Today's bodybuilders are encouraged to be HUGE so they use a lot of insulin to get gigantic. Massive doses of insulin in combination with HGH is probably the culprit. A nominal dose of HGH, like 5iu/ed, is not enough to cause the pregnant belly look.

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    Thumbs up

    Intresting thanks for the info.

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