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    Which is worse long cycle or short with abombs?

    Hey bros,

    Just wanting to know what everyone thinks or knows about this subject.
    What cycle will be more harsh and worse on the body:

    Cycle 1: wks 1-5 100mg Anadrol 50ed
    wks 1-12 500mg Test Enath ew


    Cycle 2: wks 1-20 500mg test Enate wk

    Of course we are taking into account the use of proper post meds.

    Just wondering since I know 12 is about half as much but with the A-bombs added I dont know??


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    Id guess the first 1. Not nessicarily even from the orals (although 100mg Ed for 5 wks of drol isnt light) but because Im a firm believe that longer cycles are easier on the body than short ones via less disruption of homeostasis.

    For a first cycle, Id do neither.

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