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Cycle Critique Prop/Tren A/Mast
Thread: Cycle Critique Prop/Tren A/Mast
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anabolicmass said:
Yesterday 10:25 AM
Cycle Critique Prop/Tren A/Mast
Hey guys.

Just after some feedback on a cycle I have planned coming up.
Age: 28
Height: 191cm
Weight: 105kg

Have had some previous history with tren use and inexperience which i believe had i been educated could have avoided to gyno surgery that followed. Anyway we live and learn and looking for some feedback/tips on my next cycle.
Im not to concerned with the dosage of prop/tren as i will be changing it as i move along according to how i feel/sides.
Just had a blood test done also for a baseline results as follows.

Test: 14.8 nmol/L
LH: 6 IU/L
E2: 141pmol/L
Prolactin: 252 mIU/L

Cycle outline
Weeks 1-8
Test Prop EOD 75mg
Tren Ace EOD 75mg may move to 100mg
Masteron 75mg
HcG 500ui twice a week
Aromasin 25mg everyday
Pramipexole. 25mg every night
Vitamin B6