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Thread: T3 vs Clen vs Rx diet pills

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    T3 vs Clen vs Rx diet pills

    I am just curious how t3 and clen are compared to pills that are specifically prescribed for weight loss. If you google "best prescription pills for weight loss", you see absolutely nothing about T3 and Clen. That's obviously because T3 and Clen are off-label for that purpose. I am just curious if anyone knows, how do T3 and/or Clen compare to any of the prescription pills specifically designed for weight loss? Would you say they are more effective, less effective, etc.

    Let's not discuss the mechanism of action (T3 is a thyroid booster, Clen is for asthma, yadda yadda yadda) - again, I'm just curious how T3 and Clen compare to the prescription weight loss pills (not over-the-counter weight loss supplements, I'm talking about prescription only weight loss meds).
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    the prescribed diet pills that I have been aware of I believe work by intercepting fat from the foods eaten and taken them straight out of the body by the fastest means, not great if your not near a men's room at the time as im told you don't get a lot of warning haha im guessing part of the equation would be... if your diet is clean which it should be as your heavily dieting here, then there wouldn't be too much fatty foods (of the bad sort any way depending on carb manipulation etc) to divert out of the body, a long guess on my part would be that this type of diet pill would be secondary in its effects to t3/clen dosage. but its a guess based on the above. if there are diet pills that work other ways such as amphatine based pills then that might be a closer race? cool topic

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