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Thread: dosing caber..

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    dosing caber..

    Hi everyone
    I need some help with my high prolactin issue please.
    I have posted few threads last week, but this is a little summary of what happened. ( I understand I don't have enough knowledge and probably I didn't have to run this cycle but I did, so I need to sort myself out now)
    That's the cycle
    tren A 100mg Eod
    test P 100 mg eod
    Eq 500 mg a week
    Dbol 50 mg ed
    I run adex as well which I switched to Aromasin from the 2nd week but maybe I just used too much since my E2 crashed badly.
    I decided to stop this cycle after 2.5 weeks. Got my blood test done and found out this:

    Test: 7.72 (7.60-31.40)

    Oestrogen <18.4 (0.00 - 191.99)

    Prolactin 720 (86 - 324)

    Generally I feel quite good the only problem is my libido very low ( I can have an erection but can't keep it, Cialis helps a little a bit).

    Now i am on PCT with Nolva and Clomid which I will be running for 4-6 weeks.

    I have been advised to use Caber for the prolactin issue but I am not sure on how to dose it and how long for?
    I have seen different discussion about it, but they are for those on cycle, and I am on PCT so not sure, also assuming that I am not on Tren it should starting coming down.??
    I have been using vit B6 in the past few days (300mg ed). Since yesterday I am no longer having that weird feeling I had behind my nipples for about a week ( kind of high sensitivity).

    Any input would be appreciate


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    I would still use caber to drop your prolactin level. I got a reaction (sore lumps around nipples) toward end of cycle and .25mg twice a week got rid of issue after a couple of weeks and was off cycle then so continued for an addition 3 doses. You could start .25mg twice a week for a few weeks.
    Maybe kelkel or another knowledgeable vet will weigh in with more detail
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    I've never needed more than 1mg a week before. Its got an incredible half life and I know a guy that doses 1mg once a week. Not ideal, but it can work. As trail said, half a mg is probably fine. The typical standard is .5mg two times a week. I've never used under a milligram though, and I prefer prami.

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