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    Estrogen Really High and side effects bad Months After 3 week cycle

    Long story short, I went to a local vitamin shop and asked if they had anything that would help with bodybuilding but not affect my hormones drastically, like a test booster. They sold me capsulated sarms , research after my issues has left me thinking it was some sort of prohormone. I knew nothing about any of this or AI nolvadex etc. I blew up FAST and started to get gyno symptoms. I asked my friend who does real gear and he gave me some RC arimedex and nolvadex, I stopped taking the "Sarm" and was only taking it three weeks and started to take the arimidex .25 eod and nolva 20mg day. gyno got worse. I went to a "youth doctor" who did my blood and my estrogen was at 62 and test was at 350. He perscribed me test cream (which i never took) and anastrozole 1mg eod and i bumped up nolva to 40mg day. after 2 or 3 weeks it was still getting worse so I went to an endo and he did my blood and my estro was now at 82 and test was at 950. He told me to bump up the anastrozole to 1mg ED so ive been on that the last two weeks with it still getting worse. I got ROLOX and just switched from nolva to rolox because I have read it better for this. Everyone I have talked to that knows about this stuff isnt sure what is going on and if anyone has input or experience with this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your point of view of what is going on

    31 years old
    "osternine sarm 21mg a day for three week" (thats what the bottle said)
    gyno worse in left nipple
    sex drive and hair growth etc is THROUGH THE ROOF on nolva and anastrozole
    both nipples sensitive and painful just bigger lump in the left side.

    Yes I know now that I should have researched but I was not familiar with any of this and just took the guy at the vitamine shops word for it.

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    Should of used aromasin at first appearance imo..thats fucked will get a better answer shortly..if you gonna bulk up just get the real deal...fuck all that over the counter b.s...youre fucked anyway...hope everything works out

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    what do you mean by gyno?
    describe it.
    also make sure you get the sensitive estradoil test.

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    Fluffy sensitive nipples sometimes they get rock hard and stick out like triangles, painful lump right behind nipple, pea sized on right, marble sized on left
    whats the difference between the tests?

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    Ralox is statistically better but it's only a very minor percentage. Keep running it as it takes time. Read the sticky about gyno in the Educational Articles Database at the top of this forum if you have not already. Regarding your Adex dosage, it's ridiculous. Crashing your estrogen is not going to help solve gyno issues. Request a Sensitive Estrogen Assay from your endo asap. Standard estradiol if far from accurate in men and is geared to women. It can read much higher than what it actually is and cause people to take unnecessary amounts of adex.
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