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Thread: Another First cycle overview + Details. Veterans please feedback.

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    Another First cycle overview + Details. Veterans please feedback.

    Some stats and extra info, scroll down for actual cycle:

    183cm 6"0
    80kg / 176lbs
    Bodyfat ~12

    Training: I used to box for 3 years, at army I started to lift weights, got from 165lbs/75kg to 187lbs/85kg and after living in desert for 100days (till the end of the army) and lack of food I dropped down little bit below 165lbs/75kg.I have lifted weight before aswell, but newer as frequent and consistent. So I am still quite new to lifting weights and wont lie to you or myself, I am below intermediate but still wish to cycle.

    Goal, why steroids ?: Again, I`l just be honest and I want to cycle because of the shortcut.I know I`m not near my natural genetics but my goal is to use roids to get near there faster and then slowly train natural after that. I dont see point to use juice after I`ve reached natural limit, because I couldnt hold it without gear after that. I`m sure theres alot people who used gear because of the same reasons, but I also understand why it is not recommended.I would be happy if I`d be atleast 200lbs after cycle and pct. I plan to do 3 months more solid training and then cycle after new year.

    Diet: I do not count calories, I eat 3-5 meals day + several protein shakes depending how much protein I ate i meals. 1-4 shakes per day.I`m gaining weight weekly.

    Training: Bro split 1 day workout, 1 rest


    1-12 TEST E 350mg week TOTAL (Lower than recommended, just being cautious and first cycle, I believe is should respond to that dosage aswell)
    2-12 Hcg 500iu week TOTAL (after week 2 because from my source I can get 5000iu vial, 10k seems too much waste)
    Arimidex 0.25mg EOD (Now this is questionmark, my test dosage is less than 500mg/week should I take less Arimidex? Also, I do not plan to do bloodwork,so its littlebit guesswork...)

    PCT after 2 weeks from last pin

    Nolva 40/20/20/10 ( My pack would contain 20x30mg so total 600mg, thats why last week 10mg per day)
    Clomid 75/50/25/25 ( Again pack is little bit less than I`d need thats why last week 25mg per day)

    Questions: How does overall cycle look? Should I get extra packs Nolva and Clomid to get smoother PCT or will I get away with it.
    Thanks for reading, I hope some veterans have some time to respond and give feedback,tips or anything whats going through your mind after reading this.
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    dont ask for a source thx
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    hi welcome to the be honest your cycle is just ok...there is nothing wrong with it per say but this is your first cycle which will be your most productive cycle ever so it troubles me that you wont be counting calories to make sure you are eating over maintenance so you will grow (have you figured out your tdee?)...and your test e dose is week there is very little difference in 350 or 500mg...believe me brother you are not going to "blow up" just because you are on steroids (they are far from magic like the media and the general public believe them to be)...if you don't have the diet piece in order you are setting yourself up for disappointment.... think hard about this bro, do you really want to do this?...your pct plan may be ok but there are never any guarantees in recovery even with pct so know that as wouldn't hurt to get more nolva and clomid but that's your call...

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    Your Not going to like what I'm about to say, you are atleast 5 years premature unless you have low T which is very unlikely given that your only 20 years old. You really don't want to shutdown your natural Testosterone production at your stage not even for 12 weeks...
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    Welcome to the forum. I donít recommend using steroids until after age 25. If you do cycle. Iím not sure if 350mgs. pw is worth shutting down your natural production of Test. Just some thoughts. Good luck bro.

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    I`m 23 years old currently, but thanks everyone for thoughts.
    Anybody else got something to add?Does the cycle plan look solid?

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    IMOP I wouldn't risk my health beacuse I was not willing to put in the work.

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