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    Some steroids make you flat and some roids make you full?

    s this really?(obviusly cutting and dieting)

    some fitness models are talking about steroids like masteron or winstrol make you flat when cutting..

    example of this look : ( this guy tell mast/winny give a dry look but flat)

    the other side , the full ,dry, and hard look ( Anavar highdoses , Turinabol , or NPP)

    example of this look :

    please only focus on steroids i know a lot the importance of carbs loads , diet etc.

    What is your opinion about this? ahahha im excited to read your opinions!

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    I think genetics and diet are big factors. I prefer the "full" look because those types of gear (npp tbol anavar ) are easier on the hair AND its just easier to achive that look with a less strict diet. I take the easy way out lol. Some guys look super dry and lean without any gear. I think im just naturally a little "puffy". Id like to try a masteron /test/winny cycle and get super shredded and diet hard when im older and my hair is gone anyway haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazhy View Post
    some fitness models are talking about steroids like masteron or winstrol make you flat when cutting..
    Cutting will make you flat because of the calorie deficit (especially if going low carb) I doubt it's the DHTs.

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    I wpuld say it gives you what your diet gives it.

    Tren for me means vascular and little water while nandrolone gives me water and a wetter look.

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    The whole flat vs full comes down to how the body is fed while at, and prior to, super low BF percentiles.

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