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    Talking test prop + winstrol + clen cycle

    So as all you aussies know, it is approaching summer aka cutting season

    This has called for a cutting cycle, of which I have some of the compounds. I have 100 tabs of 10mg winstrol , a bottle of liquid clen , nolva, and all needles/syringes ready. I just need to grab the prop.
    The prop i'll be buying is dosed at 100mg/ml so i was wondering, what should I dose the prop at EOD injections? I will prbably be getting arimidex to have on hand even though I have heard prop is lighter on gyno related symptoms. For PCT I was thinking a nolva and clomid combo. Not wanting to spend more for HCG . The clen would probably be used in the last couple weeks or during PCT. Winny will be dosed 50mg per day for the last 6 weeks.

    All advice appreciated!
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    Wwhat are your stats, cycle history , etc?
    Just remember that any AAS can be used for cutting or bulking. It is the diet that determines the purpose of the cycle. The AAS preserves muscle while on a caloric deficit however for the normal person it is not necessary. Imo when you are trying to get into the single digits and competing, that is the time that"cutting" cycles plays a major role.
    Clen is not AAS and does serve a little benefit by raising the body temperature however I have found that the results of an EC stack provides better results.

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