Did my first ventro glute injection today, only took me a week to build up the courage lol I've been doing alternate glutes for most of my cycle as well as quads a couple of times, Test Enanthate was pretty much pip free apart from my first quad injection which I did too low and swelled my knee up for a week, that wasn't pleasant! I switched to Prop EOD for the last 3 weeks of my cycle. I thought I would just alternate between glutes and quads, glute pip is fine, quads on the other hand......FML I literally can't bend my leg for 4-5 days! So after reading so many good things about the ventro glute I thought I would give it a go. It went ok I think, in hindsight I might have gone a bit low but would be good get some opinions/advice before I attempt it again.

Ventro Glute Injection-ventroglute.jpg