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    How is this cycle + pct tlooking?

    Started cut at 101kg/223lbs looking to get to 85kg/187lbs before i start this which would be my second cycle. Currently at 93kg/205lbs now, 185cm approx 17% BF. Want to know if the cycle and pct is ok. Will hopefully start this early next year as it will take me maybe 2/3 more months to get to my desired weight before lean bulking back up.


    500mg Test E week 1-10
    250mg/1ml twice a week MON MORN/THURS NIGHT


    50mg Anadrol ED week 1
    100mg Anadrol ED week 2-4


    40mg ED week 12-14
    20MG ED week 15-16

    50 ED week 12-14
    25 ED week 15-16

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    looks ok, need to add in an AI either arimidex or aromasin weeks 1-12 also HCG . I like taking Anadrol pre-workout, or 2 weeks on 2 weeks off..

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    I would suggest that you should drop some body fat down to 15% before you start your cycle to get the best results. You also need to what was suggested HCG and AI before you start as well. IMHO all those are a must before you start. And speaking from experience, I would wait until after the New Year to start your cycle. Lots of things can mess up a cycle between now and January 1.

    Get what you need on hand BEFORE you start your cycle and get your BF down. You also need to visit the diet section of this site. You really need to get the diet dialed in BEFORE you start your cycle. I am saying this due to experience and if you do this you will have a great cycle and see max results.

    Have you run a cycle before? If not, I would suggest doing a test only cycle. I would also say get your bloodwork done at the start of your cycle and a few weeks into your cycle so your can dial it your AI in correctly.

    Also, have clear goals for your cycle that are written down, realistic and obtainable. Having written down goals will make a HUGE difference. IMHO having your goals written down and you look at them every day and night will keep you on track.!

    Keep us posted on how you do on this. Stay around, post and keep us updated and share your blood work to get the best bang from you cycle.
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