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Thread: Coming off t3. Worried about building muscle

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    Coming off t3. Worried about building muscle

    First of all, just wanted to say i am NOT using any steroids , i iust used t3.
    Okay! So Just a quick summary to catch you up, basically I have been taking t3 for a month or so now because I wanted to a quick cut, didn't really want to stay on for months, as I wanted to start bulking soon because i have almost ZERO muscle i look like a 15 year old boy.
    My question is, now that i will stop taking t3, my thyroid is shut down and i've read that it can take up to 2 weeks to recover.
    I know i should have probably done more research before taking t3 but anyway my question is
    Since the thyroid stimulates protein synthesis and protein breakdown... Will it be possible to gain any muscle during these 2 weeks or am i just going to need to pray not to gain any fat haha. If muscle growth is possible with a shut down thyroid will it be really sloww or about the same as with normal levels? Planning to hit the gym hard, have diet and exercise plan all ready to go.

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    If your thyroid is shutdown, you'll know it! You should taper off t3, not stop abruptly. I fucked up one time and didn't taper off after a couple months. Not only did my blood sugar get all out of wack, but I started having blurry vision and my tongue and lips started getting numb.

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    Ive read that thyroid recovery usually isnt so bad but theres so many different protocols. t3 will make you burn fat AND muscle so taking t3 without test is foolish. Especially if you already look like a little boy. Theres not much you can do now. Just hit the weights hard and eat like an animal. If you wanna gain muscle you gotta be in a calorie surplus so yeah you might gain some fat. Embrace the bulk!

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    your thinking is backwards here . It was when you were taking the T3 (without AAS) that you wouldn't really be able to put on muscle . now that your off and you metabolism isn't artificially stimulated and has slowed down that you can now put on muscle .

    hit the weights and eat eat eat . you have no business doing a cut , Imo, if you have no muscle to begin with . you should spend a good 3 years bulking and putting on quality size before ever thinking of cutting . you just wasted a ton of your time and took steps backwards
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