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Thread: Is this information correct

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    Is this information correct

    Currently about to switch to test p as my test e was under dosed and decided not to cycle off just yet (I will be doing a 24 week cycle) as after 12 weeks turns out I was doing absolute crap that is relatively nothing in the bottle and a waste of time

    I will be taking 100mg test-p eod for 12 weeks my trainer told me not to take an ai unless my results come back bad or I get minor side effects showing

    He said it shouldn't be needed on that low a dosage and continuing my cycle is fine since we discovered my source had bad gear .

    Also not looking at the whole you'll regret destroying yourself at such a young age .

    What is the next level cycle y'all would recommend after i got a couple cycles under my belt .
    Currently looking into adding deca to a cycle down the road . My buddy is about to do 100mg test p eod and 100mg of deca every 4 days thought that would be a nice one to try myself ( thinking end November or December 2018)

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    IMO and it's only a cycle of some real gear first..500 mg of test a week and see where that takes you along with an A1 ......before thinking of any thing else but first and fore most you should study up on eeverything you're gonna be taking along with your ancillaries and things you will need to complete a cycle said nothing about have all the knowledge in the palm of your 2 cents

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    Pct is critical don’t just worry about on cycle things. I think most people here are on, and recommend ai’s for preventative reasons. However, if you are getting blood work done pre, mid, post you should be able to dial in exactly what you neeed.
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