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    New to Real body building

    Hi I am Frankie. I want to start seriously body building. My other female body builder friends started when we were young. Now I would like to as well. I have always worked out but I need advice on how and what. I have testosterone cyprionate. My person told me to use 25mg a week. I just see water weight gain. Then someone else told me 50 mg per week. Then I started reading and advanced body builders where using like 500mg and dividing the dose. I use a diuretic. But I feel lost with what combination of steroids and foods will get me super muscular and safe. I donít want to compete. I just want to be very muscular and safe.

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    Welcome Frankie,
    You state, "my other female bodybuilder friends..." We especially welcome and respect females on this forum. It is important for you to distinguish yourself as female, if appropriate. Females and males have different hormone systems so, different advice is warranted.
    For instance and in regard to your question: a male would take 500mg of test-c/week while a woman shouldn't take any. Women normally take substances which have a high anabolic to low androgenic nature.
    If you would like, you can contact ADMIN and your name can be turned pink (scroll to the bottom of the topic-threads). This will get you more accurate feedback.
    On the other hand, if your a male. Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Your lucky you found us because your friends are idiots. Read the stickies and pay special attention to "My First Cycle."

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    As a female you should drop the Test all together . the negative sides of running test as a woman are not remotely worth the small amount of gains you may get from it.
    AFTER your diet and training are optimized for your goals, then look into running things like VAR, Tbol, Primo

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