Hi all,
Looking for some advice for cycle of t400 and tren a. It is my first time with tren and heard that acetate was the way to go.
I have had experience with anadrol , androstene, m1t and t400 in the passed.
My stats are- 38 years old, 197 pounds, 6'1. I'm guessing a body fat of between 8- 10%
I have been lifting on and off for several years. Took about a year off and started again a few months ago. I currently workout 5 days a week and take weekends off. Never been one to do much cardio.
Last time I did t400 I pinned on Mondays and Thursdays, half a cc each. Curious about the tren a. I have read lots of differing opinions and thought I would come here to ask.
I am also open to suggestions regarding what else I might take to get a good kick start.
Thanks In advance...