So Iím thinking of doing the following cycle:

Test P 100mg eod
Tren A 100mg eod
0.25mg letro eod

Running for 10-12 weeks (open to recommendations)

Also thinking of running 50mg of winstrol ed with this, would this be recommended?

The reason I take letro is Iím highly prone to gyno and find Letro to be the only thing that can combat it in my personal case.

Pct will consist of

100mg of clomid ed week 1
50mg of clomid ed week 2-5
25mg of nolvadex ed week 1-5

This will be my 4th cycle, 3rd pinning. I have run tren E and test e cycle aswell as a test e deca cycle in the past with good results and well tolerated.

Open to all suggestions as knowledge is power!

Thanks in advance.