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Thread: Test levels

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    Test levels

    I'm military (I know I deliberately broke the rules) but that isn't why I'm posting. You guys know your shit and I could use some advice. I had to get blood test done for a medical reason about 2 weeks into my test E 600mg a week cycle. My labs came back and my primary care physician called and said that my testosterone levels were above 1500. She seems to believe that it's the supplements that I'm on so she told me to stop taking all supplements, wait a couple of weeks and then "at my convenience" come back for additional test. She said she doesn't suspect that I'm doing steroids or anything but would like to get to the reason why my test are so high in case it's something in case it's a medical issue. My question is if I book an appointment 2 to 3 weeks down the road will my test levels be back down into the relatively normal range or at least lowered to avoid any suspicion. I have been on the cycle for about 3 weeks (last injection) was Tuesday. The time of the test I was about 2 week in.

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    Sh*t I wouldn't mind having whatever medical condition causes Test levels to be 1500 lol.

    Your levels are going to be much higher now and for the next few weeks as the enanthate ester takes approx 3 weeks to separate the active hormone and then has a 7-10 day half life...Which means for you that the first few weeks of injections will take affect now and elevate levels far beyond 1,500 (if it's good Test) for about 21 days and THEN they'll start dropping.. Hell, if you play your cards right and wait 28 days or so your levels may be so low that they'll wanna put you on trt lol. But yeah to answer your question, you need to wait at least 4 weeks to retest..

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    Just stop taking your shots and wait 2 weeks. When you go back for your bloods, your Test could be pretty low since you're shut down and not taking Test shots.

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