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    My 4 Week Experimental Oral Winstrol Only Cycle (Pics Included)

    Hello everyone,

    First time posting. This post is about my 2 cents on WINSTROL ORAL.
    A brief intro before I start:

    Age: 20
    Height: 5'10 (178cm)
    BF: around 15%?
    Previous weightlifting experience of around 3/4 years (ON AND OFF).

    Purpose of this cycle was just to see how Winstrol would react with my body, given the short cycle and less than recommended dose.
    - 4-week Cycle (31/1/18 – 28/2/18)
    - First 2 weeks of cutting, last 2 weeks of lean bulking
    - Starting weight: 71.8 kg
    - Ending weight: 73.6 kg

    I only wanted to find out what Winstrol was about; I didn't want to gain HUGE amounts of muscle (otherwise I would have used test base + anadrol /Dbol etc.), just some lean mass. I researched Stanozolol extensively before taking it, and there seems to be a lot of contradictory information. Some people think its a good BULKER, whilst others believe it is best for cutting (preserve lean mass).

    Taking on average 40mg a day, yielded great results on both strength and muscle hypertrophy. 30-40mg ED was used during the first week, and 40mg ED was used during the second and third week. Dosages have been tapered off during the last week, from 40mg ED to 30mg for 1 day, to 20mg ED for the last 2 days. It is noted that taking 50mg ED yielded headaches and was discontinued after 3 days, reverting back to 40mg ED seems to be the sweet spot.

    Training on average 5-6 times a week weight training, and cardio (cycling for 15-25mins per session) 3 times a week during cutting.
    Lean bulking consisted of 5-6 times a week weight training without any forms of cardio.

    The Results
    Mental effects kicked in a few hours of taking Winstrol. This includes increased focus and higher energy levels. This may be due to the placebo effect.
    Strength effects were experienced after 2/3 days.
    Muscle pumps after 2 days.
    Physical effects were seen after 4 days.
    Optimal saturation levels occurred after the first week.


    GOOD results were achieved during the very short cutting duration. Dieting at 1850 calories which was a 500 calorie deficit, yielded a leaner physique on all areas of the body. Vascularity was the most significant effect, as veins started appearing in the arms and left bicep during the first week and thereafter. It is noted that the diet during the cut was not carefully followed/planned and constricted to 1850 calories. Most days were at around 1900-2000 kcal which was still at a deficit. Body-fat levels reduced from 15% to 14/13% whilst retaining previously gained muscle, and increasing hypertrophy from Winstrol. During the bulking phase, muscle seemed to be added at the same rate as cutting from a visual perspective.

    The most visible difference was the biceps & triceps. The arms have gained the most size out of any body part, increasing in both vascularity and size. Second to that, the shoulders and trapezius muscles increased decently. Posterior deltoids became more round, and trapezia became steeper, having not trained these body parts extensively at all. Lower chest became much more defined; striations are now much more noticeable and the lower portion of the pectorals have come out more, creating better lower chest visuals. The outer pectorals have also become more rounded. Back development have increased two fold in both definition and size. Legs and calves have increased in size to good proportions. Overall, the shoulders and back became wider, achieving a more pronounced V-taper. Muscles had a hardening effect and the ‘pump’ feeling was experienced throughout the day, even on rest days.

    Side Effects
    Acne: A little
    Joint pain/joint dryness: None
    Hair loss: None
    Thinning of the hair: None
    High blood pressure: Elevated, however may not be due to the use of AAS.
    Testicular atrophy: A little, hard to say; did not measure nuts pre-cycle, but perhaps felt a little smaller.
    Depression: None
    Headaches: Increased frequency, could be due to elevated blood pressure.
    Insomnia: None
    Gyno: None
    Water retention: None

    Supplements / PCT
    20mg Nolvadex ED (Discountinued use after few days, as there is no point using a SERM when Winstrol doesn't aromatise to estrogen)
    Liver Protection Caps

    HIGHLY recommend Winstrol. Winstrol only cycle CAN be done, yielding good results. It should be used during the cutting phase (in my opinion) as it seems to cut fat and build muscle at the same time (defying laws of thermodynamics here); this would not be possible being natural. WINSTROL doesn't build much muscle, but size is increased. WINSTROL has an AMAZING effect on muscle hardening; which is more pronounced if you're less than 10%. This is probably why you 'look' bigger. On balance, I think this AAS falls under the cosmetic category, and should be combined with other compounds as it has a good 'synergistic' effect.

    I know 20 years of age may seem very young and shouldn't use winstrol unless you're lean (sub10%bf) already or reach natural limit, but fk it, here for a good time not a long time.

    Any comments welcomed!
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