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    First stana cycle

    Hi all,

    Brief rundown, 29, M, 175cm, 78kg. In my final 10 days of a clen fueled keto cut phase. 3 years of solid, strict diet and excersize, consisting of 6 days a week of 30 minutes functional body weight exercise, 30 minutes of stairs in the morning, with an hour of weights in the PM. I maintain an athletic physique, just the usual stubborn belly fat. Hence the clen and keto to drop it.

    Iíve decided on an intro into AAS by the way of a stana cycle.

    After about 2 months of research online, Iím now more confused as ever. Iím interested to know peoples experience with it and a recommended test booster and pct.

    Iíll be dropping the cardio in the mornings and focusing on pushing weights only. Calories will be increased to BMR plus 1000.


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    This thread will be of interest to you:

    Oral only cycle (winstrol ) will be ineffective; it will inhibit natural testosterone production, while not being test itself... It won't build much muscle.

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