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Thread: Cutting cycle on TRT

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    Cutting cycle on TRT

    I'm planning on running a cutting cycle with either winstrol or anavar (still undecided). Everything I've read to this point suggests 4 weeks of Test, then 6-8 weeks of Test + Winstrol or Anavar, followed by PCT. My question is this: If I'm already doing TRT (250mg of Test C/week and 1mg of Anastrazole/week) I would just stop taking the the Win/Anavar after 6-8 weeks and continue with my test shots and skip the PCT, correct?

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    If you are on TRT, firstly this in itself will help promote fat loss secondly yes you could add 8 weeks of winny to further promote. Personally i dont use drugs to cut (unless of course your cutting to compete and going down to crazy BF levels/conditioning), i use them to bulk only...

    Diet over drugs.
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    If you want to cut, run the winstrol .

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