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    Hi! - 9th day on whinny. Coulple questions.

    Hi! - 9th day on whinny. Coulple questions.-ca179129-d3bf-4d07-b85a-60f3d141fd59.jpegJust a couple questions.
    Little about me Iím 5í8 155lbs
    12.5 percent Bf.
    Diets super clean - cardio for 30 twice a day.

    Iíve ran var before for 4 weeks and loved it. But I tried to run it recently and didnít see the same changes. I recently purchased oral whinny and have only been taking 5.5mg a day, noticed some awesome changes a little bit in my arm pumps. But a bit swollen (down there) (experienced the same with var) I guess Iím wondering if long does it take to start really seeing changes in the mid section & if my mg are okay. Iíve read it takes about 2 weeks to be full in your system. Just curious if everything Iím doing is alright. - Thanks.

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    When whinny takes hold, you'll lose the water that you're holding. You have good muscular density and when you lose the water, they'll really stand out. It doesn't take much winny to change body composition for women. Stay at 5.5mg/day until you stop seeing results. Then you can bump to 10mg/ed. You're taking NAC for liver support? Have fun.

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