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    will Clomid and Tamoxifen fix my hormone levels??

    So to keep a long story short..

    about 6 months ago, I did a short cycle. I stopped the cycle after a few weeks and never did any PCT. Ever since then, I have been feeling like absolute shit in many ways.

    Lethargic, low energy, always tired, dizzy, no libido, no erections etc. Just generally feel like shit in every way.

    My hormones are probably pretty messed up.

    Will Clomid and Tamoxifen fix this??

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    Best option first i think is to get a blood test and see whats what.

    If you seem to not have recovered it will be worthwhile doing a pct of clomid and tamox. Then getting bw 8 weeks after to check its worked

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    What kind of cycle? If you used deca or tren it could also be high prolactin so you would need a DA such as caber as well. Bloodwork will tell you much more than we can

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