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    My first time taking peptides.

    So I don't wanna hurt myself so I have some questions before I start and would like everyone's opinion on how best to use them.

    Fat burning stack items - clean, t3 and hgh frag 2mg.

    Body type - on the cubby side.


    1. What would be the proper dosage for me?

    2. Can frag be used on the same day as both clen and t3?

    3. What kind of diet would you guys recommend on this cycle?

    4. How much sterile water should I mix with the frag?

    I understand there's already alot of info on dosages but what I see are really high and I'm a bit worried about doing that.

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    Given the contents in this post I'm guessing the main goal is fat loss. With all due respect I think you're going about this backwards. Number three was a bit of a tip-off.

    What does your current diet look like? Post up with your stats (age, height, weight, bodyfat, training history) and goals and get started here

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