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    I blindly did a cycle and think I may have gyno.......

    First off I'm new here and please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong with my post(wrong location, format, whatever). I'm 32 years old and my weight has fluctuated like crazy this last few years. I was about 240lbs at 5'9" a couple of years ago. I did keto for almost a year and got down to 180lbs which felt nice for sure. But back in December a friend talked me into trying a cycle. It was very light, it was eq and test. I'm not exactly sure how much I was taking. I let a trusted friend help me. He does them and looks incredible. But now I realize how stupid that was not doing my own research. Well I had this thing in my head telling me I could do dirty bulk since I was on this stuff. Well I did and I literally just started blowing up with fat instead of muscle. I gained a little muscle but mostly fat. Then I felt like my pecs were getting off a little and I asked my friend about it and he got me some Nolvadex . I tried Arimidex but if made me super sick. This was about halfway through a 12 week cycle. Then when I got done with the Cycle I waited a couple of weeks and we did a pct with Nolvadex for a month. Well ever since towards the end of my cycle (which was weak and I really didn't get great results with muscle mass, just fat because of my diet) I have noticed my pecs looking bigger and pointing out more. I can't tell if I just gained muscle underneath the fat and it's pushing out more and I'm just being paranoid. But my left pec is noticeably bigger than my right especially when I look down. Some of my shirts make a line between pecs that looks like a uni boob. My whole chest feels lumpy and I can't tell if it's muscle knots or gyno. They don't hurt. Nipples do seem puffy and when I was 240lbs I didn't notice them sticking out and I weight 215 now. So that's why I'm confused if it's fat because I never noticed them like this until this cycle. Does it look like I have gyno from the side? Or am I just being paranoid? You guys don't have to lecture me on the blindly using anabolics. I know it was stupid and will NEVER do it again. But do you think my chest is saveable or I have gyno? Should I just be super strict and keep cutting like I'm trying to do? Nipples are cold in this picture so they don't look so puffy. But normally they look really puffy.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails I blindly did a cycle and think I may have gyno.......-img_20180730_065435.jpg   I blindly did a cycle and think I may have gyno.......-img_20180730_065254.jpg   I blindly did a cycle and think I may have gyno.......-img_20180730_065238.jpg   I blindly did a cycle and think I may have gyno.......-img_20180730_065542.jpg  

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    It doesn't look like gyno. Touching it to much can make gyno worse. Just keep losing weight. You're way, way to heavy to cycle, body fat converts test to estrogen, causing gyno. Just keep losing weight.

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    If you have gyno, your nipples are sensitive and there is a lump behind your nipple. You have quite a bit of body fat so it's hard to tell from a picture to tell if you have gyno.

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    I'm no gyno expert, but that doesn't LOOK like gyno from what I can tell. But you could still be developing it. Personally I would just stay natty while losing the bodyfat. If it's just the nipples themselves that are puffy you might be fine, considering my nipples can be puffy as hell when they're warm, and I've never cycled yet. Gyno would be the tissue BEHIND the nipples getting puffy, and that doesn't really appear to be the case with you, but it's hard to tell since you have a higher BF%

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    Agree it doesn't look like gyno from the pics. You're pecs are actually small in proportion to the rest of you I think. Like already stated get your diet right and lose body fat. That had the biggest positive impact on the appearance of my chest. Fat is just... fat. Lose it. lol

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